Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Look of Love

As I get close to my dd's wedding, I am constantly reminded of what I call the "look of love". You know the one I mean - where the person's face lights up from within. And is so luminous that everyone can see it's the "look of love".

It's that look that new mother's have when they hold their sleeping infant. It's that look I have when my husband of almost 26 years comes home after we've been apart. It's that look a grandma has when her first granddaughter is all dressed up for prom.

It's that look that Catherine K had the other night at Thursday night knitting when she spoke of her autistic son looking at her shirt and reading out loud "rrr" "eahh" "aaah" "duh". Her "look of love" was so bright it lit the room and my sometimes small self-absorbed world.

It's that "look of love" I wish for my dd and my new SIL for today and a million more tomorrows. I wish it for you too...