Friday, December 05, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well, we finally did it! We bought SEASON TICKETS to all the OSU Football Home Games on the Club Level. Let me tell you, once you watch the game up there you will never want to go back to a regular seat!

My DD, Cheyenne, and I were the lucky winners of the Bedlam Beg-a-thon...the OU vs OSU game tickets are hot commodities and she and I got to go and we had a blast! My DS, Asa, rode over from Tulsa with us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we checked out the local Buffalo Wild Wings and browsed at some GREAT shoe stores in Stillwater before walking over to the game from the house Asa is living in this semester. Poor Asa had to sit in the Student section, but they have a great time over there cheering on the team. BOY, was it cold.
Here is another fan who just couldn't resist getting in the picture with my DD!

Now, usually, I park myself on a barstool along the windows in the club level and have a great in-door view of the whole playing field. But this time, it was Bedlam for heaven's sake, so we were obligated to sit in our actual seats outside. I didn't really plan for that but I wore a couple of shirts, a fleece jacket and borrowed a knitted hat I had made for DS a couple of years ago out of NORO Kabuto which is a cool super bulky weight yarn with wool, silk, cashmere, and alpaca (yum) in a nice manly 2 by 2 rib pattern.
Here is a picture of us and you can see DD has her hoodie on against the weather as well.

It was really windy but we yelled and yelled. Especially when the OSU defense was on the field. It was a fabulous game and we just gave OU hell (I meant heck, Mama...). I was also wearing a pair of socks that I made from hand-dyed bamboo from Mama Llama and my toes stayed toasty warm the whole time!
I had no idea bamboo would be that warm (Just an fyi to other football fans). We did have an acrylic afghan in OSU colors that was a gift to us but shortly after half-time DD said she had frozen enough and so we went indoor to watch the rest of the game. I'm sure the "poor chickens" wished they could have done the same, it really got cold after the sun was fully down.

Unfortunately, we played really great until the last 7 minutes or so and OU ended up winning the game. However, the score 61-41 doesn't really reflect how close most of the game was. Our quarterback made a couple of interceptions that ended up being costly. Come on Cowboy Offensive line - protect that guy! Zac Robinson is too cute to let get hurt!

The up-side is that OU gets to play for the south for the Big 12 championship so at least another Oklahoma team is representin'. My DSIL is a big OU fan and so I try to keep that in mind, even though I bleed orange. Common guesses are that we will go to the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl in San Diego. What a great location and a great town to visit. Unfortunately, we have decided that it would just be so expensive to fly there, plus hotel, etc right at Christmas. So I am secretly wishing we go to the Alamo Bowl. We could drive there and I have a good friend who lives there that would let us crash at her house. But the best Bowl for OSU would definitely be the Holiday Bowl, so I guess I hope we get that one. We will probably try and have a Bowl Party or go to one in Katy somewhere. There are lots of Cowboy fans in Texas! Check out this cool website...Go Pokes!