Friday, February 16, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

Can you tell I am hungry???

What is your favorite restaurant in the Katy area for:

Hamburgers - so far 9'ers on Grand Parkway

Pizza - Roma takeout from Mason

Chinese - Pei Wei but would like more options

Sushi - Sushi Hanna so far

Italian - I like Carrabba's the best but pretty far, like Hasta La Pasta close

Steak - Outback kinda far

Mexican - Pappacito's kinda far, La Finca on Westheimer Parkway

Mexican Fast Food - Taco Cabana

Misc - Chicken Noodle soup at Chick-fil-a , Sonic fountain drinks

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

In my mind I just brought my DD home from the hospital, but here she is with my DH at Abuelo's for her 20th birthday dinner! Wow, time flies. I made her a black cashmere scarf with burgandy trim from the Happy Hooker book to match the felted purse I made for her for Christmas. She also got a digital camera from her daddy and me.

It has been an eventful few weeks. We drove 9 hours north through an ice storm and got to Oklahoma at 4 am. Then we called the doctor's office to find out the time of my DS's knee surgery. Well, long story short, they messed up the time and we had to reschedule for the NEXT WEEK! I was NOT amused. I had arranged to have the next week off to stay with Aas while he was recovering and take him to any follow up visits. Well, that wasn't going to happen...

So, I got to go to my DD's college library so I could have access to a high speed internet access so I could work while we waited for the surgery. Fortunately, we got good news after the surgery. He had not torn his ACL all the way through, he has about 50% left. Fifty percent of God's work is better than 100% of a surgeon's replacement ACL. However, he had a rip that they had to remove tissue to correct and had to stitch up another tear in his MCL. This is good news and changes his recovery plan. We are hopeful he can recover more quickly and get to at least walk-on for his senior year of soccer. He can't walk or put weight on his left leg for 5 weeks. He's on crutches and has a leg immobilizer. He also can't get in the shower. We're not sure which is worse - no walking or no shower (lol).

He is really tough, he took the IV without a wimper, something he definately wouldn't have been able to do 4 years ago. He is handling the pain well too. I would totally be milking it if I were him.

Then I had to fly to Richmond, VA on the Sunday after his surgery. I flew on a regional jet where the seats are 1 and 2. I sat in the 1 seat and across the aisle, there were 2 seats, one of which had a man who threw up the ENTIRE nearly 3 hour flight. What fun! Thank goodness, I have kids and have developed the ability to hear, see, etc and not get sick myself. Poor man...

Then on the flight back to Tulsa, we fought 200 mile an hour headwinds (honest, the pilot told me himself) so that we had to make an emergency landing at Lake Charles, LA to get fuel. Of course, he botched the landing the first time so we had to circle and try again. Since that airport was damaged in Hurrican Rita, we were not able to de-plane and the re-fueling took over an hour. I was on another SMALL plane for over 5 and a half hours. Fun, fun.

Soooo, when I was offered a first class upgrade for $65 to Denver today, I jumped on it. I think I deserved it! LOL.

I have recently finished a baby afghan for a friend of my DD's. I got this yarn on sale for $1 a skein, a total bargain. I used a cool corner start diagonal pattern for the center section and then added a Terry Kimbrough border. I think it turned out really cute.

Here is a picture of the Stitchmania January set of blocks. The lavendar block is in Shell stitch and the spring green block is in what I am calling Canoe stitch. I used offwhite to create a border and then used the spring green to join them without any sewing. I am planning to join the sets of monthly blocks with the lavendar and then add a border around the 4 x 3 throw. I am planning a granite stitch block for February and not sure yet on the second block for the month. I will work on it this week.

I get to fly home on Wednesday night, it will be good to sleep in my own bed for a change!