Thursday, July 05, 2007

Guten Tag!

My DS Asa is in Cologne, Germany this week on a mission trip. We dropped him off at Falls Creek, the really big Southern Baptist Youth Camp, in the Arbuckle wilderness last Thursday. He flew to Germany on Saturday. He is part of a group sponsored by IGOGlobal and is working with a Southern Baptist missionary already in place there. Here he is with his team. Cologne is a very cosmopolitan city with many refugees and immigrants from all over the world. Please be in prayer as he and the other work to make Jesus famous. You can check out his blog entries under the red team under AK or ASA. Today we are praying for:

Wisdom and discernment with investing time
God will be greatly glorified
Conversations will be turned toward the Gospel
Openness to hear

In other knitting news, here is a picture of my almost finished sweater for my mom. I am so excited at creating a garment! It is turning out really well. I only have to do the sleeves and sew them in and sew up the sides and I am finished! I even picked up ALL those stitches at the neckline and did the neckline edging. And it's only a month after her birthday! LOL!