Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shalom Samuel!

I had a great opportunity last week to widen my cultural horizons as well as celebrate a very special time with a co-worker of my DH. I attended a bris for Samuel who was exactly 8 days old (which is completely the right age for a bris). DH was unfortunately unable to go due to work but since I had already planned to go and wanted to see the baby and give our gifts, I decided to go anyway. I am so glad I did.

Samuel's grandparents are originally from South Africa and were so welcoming as hosts in their home. The rabbi explained the significance of all the rituals and prayers which was so great for me and a few of the others who are not Jewish. As a Christian (of the Southern Baptist persuasion), I was very familiar with the Old Testament laws but had never attended any Jewish ceremonies before.

Samuel was a complete doll and unlike his mama, he slept through the entire process. I met his lovely aunts and other family and friends. I do have to report that Samuel's daddy is a baby hog! He and his Mama are very lucky to have such a good Daddy.

I can say without a doubt that the Jewish families and the Southern Baptists have a lot in common when it comes to the amount of food they put out for a gathering. Yum!

I made Samuel a Round Ripple afghan in some fun boy colors using Caron Simply Soft. I also included a really cute Froggie soap and a little white washcloth made from CottonTots that has 2 little baby feet on it. You can just see the toes in the picture below.

I recently made another Round Ripple afghan in white and pastel pink for a co-worker of my Mama's who is doing her nursery in Paris colors, white, pale pink, and black. How cute would that be. Mama just WOULD NOT let me put a small black border on this afghan but I DID try! I used the I LOVE THIS YARN from Hobby Lobby but I have to say I think I still prefer the Caron Simply Soft. Although, the I LOVE THIS YARN comes in a lot more colors.