Friday, December 28, 2012

Owl Be Home for Christmas!

I got stuck on an Owl adventure in the week or so leading up to Christmas but first...My favorite...gratuitous Cute Baby Pictures...

Ready for Santa at Poppy and Nana's house.
Christmas Eve Night in Christmas Pajamas and Reindeer Robe...Too Cute!

So, back to the craft portion of the blog...I saw some adorable Crocheted Owl hats and just had to make one for DGS (see above!).  I ending up making 5, 1 Blue, one French Pink, 2 Lavendar, and one Moss Green with dark Green "wings" (special request from DS). 

Here are pictures of the Blue and Lavendar ones.  I used "I Love This Yarn" since I already had it in a lot of colors from crocheting afghans.  But had to size up to a "K" hook to make sure they were loose enough.  I also added an extra row to the top brown portion and a extra row of the color portion before the ear flap for the adult hats.  I should mention that many of the recipients have "punkin" heads so they have larger heads than many but these are cute made this way for my regular adult size head.  For DGS, I still made the adult size (he had a "punkin" head too.  LOL.

Then I saw these - Owl Puffs and knew I had to make some of them as well.  I have made 8 so far.  I again used scrap "I Love This Yarn" that I had on hand and a size 6 circular needle (I didn't have a size 5 available...too many WIPs I guess!).  I reworked the pattern to work from the top down so that I wouldn't have to Kitchner stitch so much. 

Top-Down Owl Puffs (adapted from Jenna Krupar)

I used Judy's Magic Cast-On for 36 stitches then knit 10 rounds of brown, 10 rounds of contrast color.

Then sew on crocheted beak (with G hook and gold/yellow, ch 5, Slst in 2nd ch from hook, sc, hdc, dc, fasten off with long tail for sewing and sew in beginnng end).

Then use 12 mm saftey eyes and white felt circles with a small slit and attach.  Sew in beginning end. 

Rnd 21: K4, K2tog, repeat. (30 stitches)
Rnd 22: work even
Rnd 23: K3, K2tog, repeat (24 stitches)
Rnd 24: work even
Rnd 25: k2, k2tog, repeat (18 stitches)
Rnd 26: work even

Stuff full

Rnd 27: K1, K2tog, repeat (12 stitches)
Rnd 28: work even
Rnd 29: K2tog around (6 stitches)

Cut long tail (6 to 9 in), with yarn needle run through all six stitches and pull tight, sew in end.

These were SO FUN and ADDICTIVE!!   Here is a small group (or a Parliment of Owls - according to the internet!) that roosted in my knitting bag.

I even entertained a bored 4-year old Alexandrea with helping me create these for over an hour (nearly 2...) while waiting to open presents at Grandma Bev's house!  I see teaching her to knit and crochet in the future!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas - I know we had a very Blessed Holiday.