Friday, April 06, 2012

Monsters for Easter!!!!

First, a cute baby picture:

Eat your heart out Frank Sinatra!  Check out those blue eyes!

I am getting pretty excited about Easter this year.  First, I get to make an Easter Basket for my DGS and it is already filled with some fun stuff - although it is hard to not buy candy - but what 9 mo. old needs candy??  Of course I had to make him something!  I'm a Crafty Nana after all.  These are called "Monster Chunks" from a cool designer named Rebecca Danger.  I love her name - sounds like she should have her own book or mini-series!  lol

I made these at our Knitting Guild's annual Day Camp.  This was our 3rd Annual.  I am proud to say I helped start the tradition of these 2 years ago.  This year the theme was "Monsters".  We made these toys to donate to the local Children's Hospital for kids going into surgery.  Everyone made theirs different.  We used Berrocco Comfort Worsted and I used safety eyes.  I crocheted the eye patch and the white circle for the ogre.  I followed the pattern on the Pirate but found picking up stitches to be a bit fiddley.  So I just reversed the 1st half by starting with a small cast on of 6 stitches and increased in an opposite way until I got to the part of the picked-up stitches and then just continued with the pattern from there.  It was really interesting to see all the sizes that came out with the same pattern and yarn but different knitters and needle sizes.  I made these for BWM (DGS) and plan to make more to donate.  We got super fun goodie bags and lots of good company at the KNOW (Knit at Night Out West) Daycamp.  Can't wait to see next year's theme!