Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here Comes the Bride

My dd Cheyenne is getting married July 22nd. So we are in a flurry of wedding plans. Including SERIOUS dieting for the mother of the bride....me! (9 down) The invitations are supposed to be in this week. She is having two showers the weekend of June 17th. I have ordered her gifts for the shower... I will not panic, I will not panic (or cry, yet...) Here is a picture of her trying on her "princess" dress.
She is going to be a beautiful bride (of course I'm a little biased!)


Sheryl said...

Yes, she will be a beautiful bride. Hang in there and enjoy the process - this is a dream for moms too!

Connie said...

Cheyanne looks beautiful in her dress. I loved the blog it is so Bethel and I'm going to tell Mom that your a happy Hooker. Remember I am the tattle tail of the family.

Love you Sis

Alicia said...

Love the dress, major ruffles there. Can't wait till the wedding, I'm definitly going.

Say hi to everyone for me!

Jenni said...

Beautiful, classic dress-- what a lovely bride! (Congratulations on the weight loss, too-- wow!) I hope you have a wonderful, fun July!