Tuesday, October 03, 2006

They Wanted to be in Pictures!

I finally slowed down enough to take some pictures of some of the knitting and crocheting I have been doing!

This is from a fun class I took at Yarntopia called Beginning Socks. It is done in a worsted weight wool yarn. I am planning for it to be more of a "slipper" for one of my sister-in-law's (it's a secret which one!) for Christmas. I am planning to crochet a butterfly and attach it to the slipper and then do crewel work to add the path the butterfly took up the slipper. Now I just have to start and finish the 2nd one!

I also took another sock class from Catherine called Magic Loop Socks. I think this might be the method I like best. We started a child's sock, I chose turquoise thinking I was making a baby gift but I guess it will be a big sister gift for the next lucky mom-to-be. Here's what it looks like so far. I am just going to have to guess on the length since I don't have someone specific to measure.

I like to make hats or beanies. They go fast and don't take a lot of yarn. Here are some I have made. Two are knitted from one of my favorite yarns, Noro. I LOVE variegated yarn. These are Noro Silk Garden. Another one was specially requested by my DS in Harry Potter Gryffindor colors in a wool/acrylic blend, and the last two are some of the tons of beanies in Caron's Simply Soft that I have made for my DD, DS, and their friends. In fact, the white one with the black border was just requested by a friend of my DS.

I also decided to try felting. I picked a favorite Noro Kureyon in greens and lavendars and used the Corner Start Stitch to make a felted case for my new toy, a Pocket PC 8125. Here is a "before" photo of it before I felt it.

I will take an "after" picture and post it when I get it felted and completed. Don't you just love how this yarn looks in this stitch!

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amylovie said...

Doesn't it make you feel good when your kids actually request knitting or crocheting? Whenever H or R say they want something, I drop whatever project I'm doing to start asap.