Friday, February 16, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

Can you tell I am hungry???

What is your favorite restaurant in the Katy area for:

Hamburgers - so far 9'ers on Grand Parkway

Pizza - Roma takeout from Mason

Chinese - Pei Wei but would like more options

Sushi - Sushi Hanna so far

Italian - I like Carrabba's the best but pretty far, like Hasta La Pasta close

Steak - Outback kinda far

Mexican - Pappacito's kinda far, La Finca on Westheimer Parkway

Mexican Fast Food - Taco Cabana

Misc - Chicken Noodle soup at Chick-fil-a , Sonic fountain drinks

1 comment:

amylovie said...

Hasta la Pasta is sooo yummy. I like the atmosphere too.