Sunday, May 06, 2007

O Canadot, O Canadot...

My DD Cheyenne went to a Montessori preschool and kindergarden and since there was an R&D facility with lots of PHDs that were international in the town, her classmates were like a little UN. One of the cool things they did was learn about countries around the world. They would bring in a parent from that country and learn to identify it on the globe, know what its capital was, what its flag looked like and learn to sing the national anthem in the native language of the country.

One week my DD and I were riding home and she starting singing "O Canadot, O Canadot...". I said "Honey, that's "O Canada, O Canada...". But she insisted she was singing it right and spent all week singing it as "O Canadot, O Canadot..." I could not convince her otherwise. I still think of that everytime I think of Canada. :o)

Last week I took another trip to Calgary and took some cool pictures. One of the downtown shopping areas has these great sculpture that I think is representing flags (maybe as in downhill snow skiing? anyone know for sure?). They have a huge department store - The Hudson Bay Company (sound familiar history nuts?? established in 1670). I also got to stay in the historic Palliser hotel - the building is in the shape of an E. Cool, Aay?

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Cheyenne Morton said...

Mom- I like your pictures of Canada! They are pretty SWEET! I hope it was nice there when you went. Love you and see you soon!