Sunday, August 26, 2007

Empty Nesters...

Wow, I did not expect the empty nest syndrome to hit so hard! We have been weaning ourselves slowly with our move to Texas, my DD's wedding, my DS's Senior year with Gram so I thought this would be a no-brainer... Well, that's hormones for ya' I guess.

We moved DS Asa into a really nice dorm in Stillwater. When I say we, I mean my DH and I. A kid on crutches is NO HELP when moving into a 4th floor apartment! LOL. I think he really likes it so far, so many girls - so little time...

DD Cheyenne is working toward her Associate's in Business. She finished up 2 summer classes and has started for the fall.

Please keep Mark's dad in your prayers. He made it through the heart surgery but is now undergoing treatment for his leg - diabetes may cause him to lose it. He has a great attitude and will be glad to go home in a few weeks after the treatments end. They are trying a cool treatment where he is in an environment like he is under the sea in a high-pressure environment breathing pure oxygen. We pray the treatment will save his lower leg.

On the craft front, I have been busy on several projects. I have knit the sleeves to my mama's sweater and now just have to knit the sleeve bands and sew everything together! Yeah!

Here is a picture of a neat little project. It is called Garterlac, it is like Entrelac except you work everything in garter stitch. A great pattern for a cotton dishrag.


Mary Ann said...

I really like the garterlac. I'm going to look it up and give it a try. I'm always looking for interesting projects for our church'w Advent Fair.

Bethel said...

It's really fun and good practice for picking up stitches! lol

cheyenne said...

Cool mom, I like your new stuff. You need to have a myspace page. I just got one. But, I still like your blog! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Bethel: What are you all doing Labor Day weekend? Herb and I just decided to go to Branson. If you can join us that would be great! Sorry for the short notice.

I am so sorry to hear about Mark’s dad. I thought your empty nesting would be easier too. Hang in there.

Miss you both,