Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harry Potter - The Obsession...

I know the Harry Potter books can be controversial. I am in serious denial of the annoucement that Dumbledore is gay. But this series of books have given me some wonderful fictional entertainment and are probably the single reason my DS is a reader today.

We went on a driving vacation just about the time my DS was the same age as Harry Potter in the 1st book. I read a couple of chapters out loud to the kids, DH, and my mama. Not a lot of interest. I had heard a lot about the book and thought my DS might like it. I loved it and finished it on the trip. My DS got bored one day on the trip and asked where the book was and THAT was all it took! He has read all the books several times (like 20 or 30!!!) and we have been at the local wally-world at midnight just so he could get the next book immediately. He then does nothing but read and eat a little until he finishes it, usually by the next afternoon.

Soooo, it follows that I would express some facination of JK Rowlings world in my craft endeavors as well. Here are the Dobby Socks I made from the book, Charmed Knits.
They are Harry's socks that Harry gave 1 of to Dobby in one of the books. I am sure DS could tell you which book!
I have only made 1 pair of WW socks and 1 Magic Loop Sock (solo) so this is my first pair of “real” socks in sock-weight yarn and Magic Loop and Short Row heels and toe. I used Fleece Artist sock yarn in the "Yarntopia" colors. I love how they look like a box of cherry chocolates with a blue ribbon (or is that just my sweet tooth talking...).
The are pretty slouchy so I may felt them a little. They are shorter than a normal trouser sock on an adult. I am ok with that but others might want to lengthen the ankle part.

I have worn them already a lot. I love to make something and then actually wear it and love it. I tried out the 2 circular method with the second sock and LOVE IT. I will never use just plain magic loop unless I have to. It was soooo much faster and not as much "SOCK WRESTLING" as I like to call it. I also wanted to mention that the 2nd circulars that I used were the new Addi Turbo Lace, can't say enough nice things about these. Not as slick and they have gold points - perfect for 2 circular knitting, one side in regular Addis that are silver and one side in Lace Addis that are gold. PERFECT!

I also made a quick washcloth/dishcloth in yellow Peaches and Cream cotton of the Golden Snitch. Too fun. The Golden Snitch is chased in the game of Quidditch in the Harry Potter books. Harry plays a Seeker in the Gryffindor Quidditch team and his job is to catch the Golden Snitch to win the game.

Just in case this hasn't been enough Harry Potter for you...I am including a link to a quiz where you can see which Harry Potter character you are. Harry Potter Character Quiz

PS - I am Herminione of course....LOL


Anonymous said...

I like your socks mom. I really like the HP dish rag looking thing. Love ya and see you soon!

amylovie said...

They yarntopia colorway looks awesome in that pattern.


Bethel said...

I am super pleased with the colorway. I have already found a lot of things to wear them with and of course I bought a new pair of shoes to show them off!

Carolyn said...

I love that you are into HP, too!! I'll have to pick up that book ("Charmed Knits") sometime and knit something from it...just to complete the HP experience ;)

Camdyn said...

Good words.