Monday, February 18, 2008

Kemah and the "See" Food Diet

My DD Cheyenne came to visit this weekend as a belated birthday trip. We had a great time. We shopped, went to the movies, and most important - tanked her up on seafood. The weather in Oklahoma has been really cold and dreary and while Houston didn't quite live up to it's reputation of warm, mild weather it was a welcome change for her. She is a full-time student and works about 30 hours a week as a teller so we tried to give her lots of R&R. Here she is in her new trendy scarf at Capt'n Tom's Boat getting.....MORE seafood!!!

On Sunday we went out to the Kemah Boardwalk which is on the east ocean-side of Houston. We ate at the Aquarium and just kicked back.

We also visited the Sting-ray exhibit and it was pretty cool (but scary!).

I found this hilarious sign about the seagulls being on a strict diet!

My dad used to say he was on the "see" food diet, he could eat anything he saw... I think I have been taking that one too much to heart lately.

Here is a picture of DH and DD on the Boardwalk with the bay in the background.

Cheyenne grudgingly modeled my latest FO. It is a Clapotis from which is a combination of a scarf and a shawl. I was starting it one day at my LYS Yarntopia and someone didn't understand my French pronouciation of Clapotis (Clap ah tee), no big surprise, my French is pitiful... and thought I said Cup O' Tea. I like that pronouciation much better so that is what mine is called!
I worked with a great Fleece Artist yarn called Silken which "surprise" is 100% silk. It is super smooth and has a great shine and will also be warm for my trip to IRELAND!!!!! My Mama and I are headed to the Motherland at the end of May for a 10-day tour. Since it only gets to the mid-60's there, I thought this would be a great scarf/shawl/hat-substitute. I only had 2 skeins in my stash that added up to 540 yards. It is a light DK weight so I sized down to size 6 needles. I left out 1 increase, but added 1 more repeat of the middle section, and left out 1 decrease. I possibly might have been able to get one more repeat of the middle section but better safe than sorry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors. Perfect for any Irish girl!

Also here is a picture of the sweetest Valentine's Day gift from my DH. I told him not to get me anything but a card but look what was on desk in my home office when I got home from a consulting job! A Perfectly unique tropical plant that won't die in a week like cut flowers do AND a box of chocolates! It is a Bromeliad for those of you with a green thumb. We are going to have to research if we can plant it in one of our outdoor beds or just enjoy it in the pot during the winter and take it outdoors in the summer.


amylovie said...

The clapotis turned out gorgeous Bethel!


Anonymous said...

Hey mom, I like the new story you posted. Thank you for photo shopping the scarf pic. I looked aweful! Cant wait to see ya! Be safe and see you soon.