Thursday, February 05, 2009

Big Fish Stories and Other Yarn Tales...

I found this awesome pattern for a silly FISH HAT through and knew I had to make it. Now, I realize I might be a bit shall we say "mature" for a hat of this type unless I was going snow skiing in the near future, which I'm not, so that made for some difficulties...who would get the hat...I knew I was definitely making it, but needed a good recipient.

My nephew, Mini-Max came to mind. He is the right age, about 3rd grade with a whimsical sense of humor who would appreciate the "ONE who DIDN'T get AWAY"! I think, my freshman niece may be wearing it as often as my nephew, such is it's appeal. I made it up in Caron Simply Soft in a nice manly navy with an olive green for fishy-ness. Totally the funniest fun hat I have seen in a long time. Here is a just woke up Mini-Max (his grandpa is the big Max)modeling his new "Catch".

I also had a friend who had a little girl after 2 boys so I decided she needed some serious GIRL-power Gifts. Here is Lyn's Round Ripple afghan in a cool brite pink and orange with white.

I also found a cool pattern for a little sweater, called the Hexagon Baby Jacket. I made all these with Caron Simply Soft so they can be washed and dryed - important for new babies. The jacket is very clever and super fast. It is basically 2 Hexagon granny-squares sewn together, but don't get excited, that's the only sewing required and then crochet on the trim. It is a bit of a take on Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) that is so popular in the knitting world. The pattern shows a cute little guy in the jacket in what I think is Green Bay Packer colors so this can be a very masculine jacket as well. It says about 3 - 6mo. but I made it to pattern and I think it is running a bit big but I haven't tried it on the baby yet. You could use dk or sport yarn and a smaller hook to size it down or a bigger hook or more rounds on the hexagons to make a bigger jacket. I love the orange flower buttons that tie into the afghan. It's the little details that make a project!

In the festive mode, I also came across a cute pattern for St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Candy Dish hats. Since I have a "bit" of Irish heritage and I just get sucked in by these quickie cutie projects I decided to make a few. You are supposed to fill them with chocolate coins but I was in a rush and couldn't find any so I filled them with plastic gold coins I found at Michael's instead. I made the 1st one like the pattern with DC (double crochets) but since I wasn't going to starch them, I decided to do the others substituting 2 rows of SC (single crochets) for each row of DC. I think they are a bit sturdier. I experimented with the amigurami method of not joining the rounds but wasn't as happy with the color changes as when I joined the rows with a slip-stitch. I used Simply Soft for the black and Plymouth Encore for the green that was in my stash. It's not that easy to find Kelly green yarn unless you have a DS who loves the Celtic Soccer team! lol


Catherine Kerth said...

I LOVE that fish hat! too cute!

amylovie said...

The hat is hilarious!


Carolyn said...

Bethel, the blanket and sweater are beautiful!!! That was very thoughtful of you to do that for my dd. I still need to send you a photo. Sorry for the delayed blog comment as I haven't kept up on my blog readings lately.