Wednesday, April 04, 2007

G'Day Mate!

Just for fun... A hilarious picture of my DS - he had an assignment to make a presentation about Australia and he and a friend decided to use a Steve Irwin tribute... ENJOY! Notice those fashionable boots on Asa. Throw another shimp on the barbee...

Well, it's been a long dry spell for blogging but I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm. Here is a darling baby sweater I crocheted in a super-soft baby teri with black ww trim. The pattern is from CrochetMe and is called "Baby It's Cold Outside". It took just over 1 skein. I wanted to add bumblebee buttons but it was amazingly hard to find any. I even looked in several states including California! This was a really quick baby gift but you CAN NOT see your stitches with this yarn and sometimes can't even feel them. It went to an acquaintance that now works with my husband. They are expecting their first child, a girl.

I also wanted to post my last few blocks for the Stitchmania Class I am teaching monthly at Yarntopia. For March the blocks were a Granny Square (by class request!) and V-Stitch.

April includes a block in the Snapdragon stitch and another in the Basketweave stitch.

On the news front, DS goes back to the doctor tomorrow after getting off his crutches about a month ago. He has been going to physical therapy twice a week since then and the therapist says he is ahead of schedule. If all goes well, the doctor will decide what kind of knee brace he needs and we can get it ordered and back (yesterday if Asa has anything to do with it!) and he will get to play in a few soccer games at the end of his senior year season. Please keep his healing in your prayers. Thanks!


amylovie said...

He he.

I couldn't wrestle the girls down yesterday to take a picture with the hat. I'll try again this afternoon.


Catherine Kerth said...

love the steve Irwin tribute :) that must have taken you longer to do the baby cardi.... it sucks in crochet if ya can't see those stitches that well ;) thanks for the well wishes....