Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?!?

We really miss hearing Hank Williams Jr. sing his signature song at the start of the Monday Night Football games. Of course, I AM married to his greatest fan. Been to Hank Jr's museum...Twice. (enough said, lol). But seriously, where's Hank, ESPN??

Well, about a week ago, DH and I flew up to Tulsa, and then a good friend of my husband's, Ron, picked us up at the airport and drove us to Stillwater to see DS Asa and to tailgate before the 1st OSU Cowboys homegame. We did it up right, we went to Eskimo Joe's for Cheese Fries and watched the OU game on the Big Screen and then DS and I shopped at the Student Union (Ca-ching) and then Ron let me have his 2nd ticket to the Club Level to watch the game. Now, for those of us who generally take what seat we can get, sit on hard metal, hope the whimpy wax-covered cup will last ALL the way through the beverage, and get wind-burned cheeks and/or noses, this was quite a coup! THANKS RON! ALL the food was free, even candy bars, cokes and dessert!

I have included some "insider" photos here so you can turn ORANGE with envy. Ha, Ha.

PS - we won! (ok, ok, we got hammered this week, but let's not dwell on that...)

We have tailgated with Ron and his lovely wife Trish before, along with their DD Bailey. Here is a great picture from a 2005 game. My DH is in the front in a gray shirt and our friend Lisa is on the right.

In the spirit of the 'Pokes (nickname for OSU Cowboys), I started making these cute little luggage tags. Perfect take-along project. In OSU colors of course. They are perfect for traveling but also for backpacks. I made them in RH so they would stand up well to normal wear-and-tear. Too cute!

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