Friday, October 05, 2007

Benign! A Wonderful Word...

Well, after scaring the pants off me, I went for a follow-up sonogram from my mammogram. No, IT IS NOT ENOUGH just to squash the heck out of you during a mammogram. You must follow that up with a call out of the blue the next week, saying that they have found lumps in BOTH breasts and want to schedule a sonogram AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when a DOCTOR CAN BE PRESENT TO TALK WITH ME!! Ok, are we scary enough or what?! SOOO, my dh is out of town and I call and bawl my eyes out, mumble scary phrases, etc. and basically act like a big baby.

I can do this, my mom is 16 years cancer-free from pre-menapausal breast cancer and I CAN DO THIS! (my personal pep-talk goes...)

Anyway, I go to the women's center where the breast center is named after a lovely-woman-I'm-sure named Bobbette. Well, if that doesn't get you screaming with laughter, what will...They messed up EVERY SINGLE PIECE of info about me, except how old I am (insult to injury!) so I did NOT get my results in the mail, my doctor did NOT get my results either, isn't ignorance bliss? My DH went with me and snacked on graham crackers (they provide these in the waiting room, it't that weird?) while I put on a warm robe and go in for my sonogram.

They try and make it as comforable as possible but when they warmed the gel for the sonogram -- well, let's just say hot candle wax would have been cooler... So, I do indeed have TONS of lumps (ok, ok 20 - 30 lumps). The Dr. comes in, does the whole sonogram thing again (at least there is no smashing!) and HE tells me I have CYST FARMS! I have so many. Great. I can't grow my nails but I CAN grow Cysts in my breasts.

I should give a disclaimer here, I have known I have fibro-cystic lumps in my breasts since I was about 20 but it appears they have been mating. They were found in a yearly exam in college. Lucky me... So the GREAT NEWS is they are BENIGN!

Yeah!! But then I get a little bummed. If I have so many lumps in my breasts - well then my breasts are really smaller that they appear.

How depressing is that to a 40-something gal... But then, I have an epiphany! I do not have fibro-cystic lumps in my breasts - I have ORGANIC BREAST IMPLANTS!!! See, there is a silver-lining...
But on to things fiber... Here is a cool scarf/headband/hat called Calorimetry. I made it with a beautiful Koigu DK merino wool. I made it some time ago to learn how to make short-rows, it is a great 1st project for that. I, however, just sewed the ends in and added the button so I could wear it. Just in time for fall. PS - the colors in the pictures are a bit weird. The close-up from the front is the most reflective of the yarn color. Neither is reflective of my hair color - especially now that I have had my appointment with my hairdresser to have my hair - shall we say chemically enhanced... lol


amylovie said...

I'm glad that everything is OK.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the undertone of comedy to the story mom. Mike liked the organic breadt implants...I like how you said your breasts are even smaller than they appear...LOL! Love you mom, see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I meant breast implants not bread