Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Which Came 1st? The Chicken or the Egg??

Well in this case it was the CHICKEN! Here it is, something totally for me. Something some of my knitting friends would stick their noses up in the air about, but dagnabbit it's cute and it's a chicken! It's from the Ultimate Book of Potholders and I crocheted it in Peaches N Creme self-striping cotton. It is really cute in person and I have already put it to use on cookies and garlic bread. It kind of goes against the grain to buy a whole book, not to mention the ULTIMATE book to get just 1 or 2 patterns but sometimes it's when it's chickens...

I even admit I once decorated my entire kitchen in chickens, but I'm over that now, well sorta...

And now for the EGG, my DS Asa got into the College Newspaper! Per DS:

i thought i would let you know we competed in the red bull gravity challenge today, its where you take and egg put it in a cool looking device you made and drop it fifty feet. The thing is for it to land on target not break the egg and look good doing it. Well my team thought we were going to do poorly because we didnt start till 11 last night. But actually everyone at red bull, and the newspaper said ours was the best, and would win. we even tested it out last night. our design was a central ball of styrofoam with a hole cut in the middle. in the hole was a cup with a stick on it going out the bottom of the ball, then there were 3 cylinder legs going out at an angle like a tripod. we covered them half way down with duck tape, like inbetween each one so they were all connected. Then we had three wings attached to it, in between each leg. but high on the ball. the stick attached to the cup was a bit longer than the legs so when it hit the ground the cup would spring up. we spray painted the ball black and everything else red. then we attached red bull cans on all the legs. like a cover. then put red bull panels on the wings. it was awesome looking. Kind of like a russian space orb.

the guys on our team wore mustaches, and sunglasses. When i dropped it, it sailed smoothly down then a gust of wind sent it in the direction of the crane. it hit the crane and tumpled over. break the egg. but we still were the only team to get all the creativity points.

Here is a link to the paper and story. The article is at the top of page 3 and the big picture is of DS from the back. I have tried (and I mean REALLY tried) to get just the photo but evidently I am just not enough of a nerd to be able to do it. I know, I know, many of you thought I was, but I now have proof that I'm not. So there!

O'Colly article

As for my DD Cheyenne, she and my DSIL acually got tickets for one of the NINE concerts in Kansas City with Garth Brooks! I am SO jealous. She said it was the best concert ever! She even called me so I could hear when he came on stage, although again, technology wasn't quite up to that task either, but it was the thought that counts!

Garth went to OSU and lives in Claremore, OK where we lived until 2 years ago. My family has seen him around town and in Tulsa several times. Can't wait until he starts recording again.

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