Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Sock -Tober - Fest!

Yes, I have defeated the 2nd Sock Syndrome! Here are my completed pair of socks from the 1st month of Yarntopia's Sock Club. They are in a Hill Country Yarn called Blueberry Wine. These are my 1st completed pair in a sock weight yarn. I picked this color because it had Red and Blue (& Santa said that was important).
They are a Christmas gift....shhhh.....don't tell. My DH is modeling them (just so you know those are not MY hairy legs, although some days...never mind!). They are a Fiber Trends pattern called Railroad Rib. I started the 2nd one on Saturday and finished on Tuesday. Not bad. I made these top-down in Magic-Loop on Addi size 2 since I needed to make a larger size. This pattern is very stretchy and many of the others I saw finished (that were not ankle socks like mine) were slouchy socks, so this would be a good pattern for those who have big calves (you know who you are...).

I wanted to include some new travel photos as well. These are from Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Since I am basically a Land-lubber, this was an awesome place to visit. I went there last winter so it was cold when I took these photos and there were STILL people willing to go out rowing! Don't they realize that is the perfect time to stay indoors and knit or crochet???
I had a wonderful Crabcake dinner with a friend of my husband and mine from high school, Alan and his wife Carrie. So a shout out to them!

This last picture is of our future yacht (or so I informed my DH)! I wish!

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amylovie said...

Your socks turned out great Bethel.