Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hat's Off!

I have gotten on a Hat Making Jag and thought I would blog about a few of them both recent and from the last year.  First, here is my DGS in Celtic Fan Hat...

And if that doesn't sell the hat to you, you don't know cute!  This was made on a similar pattern to the Crochet Owl hat that I blogged about last time with the same mods.  I did use an unusual technique on the buckle, I used Foundation SC's and skipped the associated "chain or loop" for the corners.  This was made using stash, The black is Caron Super Soft, the Gold is I Love This Yarn, and the green is Encore Worsted.

I also saw somthing similar and decided to make a Yellow Helper (avoiding copyright issues...) Tribute Hat.  It is using Red Heart Soft (tough to find a good bright yellow), with I Love This Yarn and Caron Super Soft for the others.  It is a bit long (I added an additional row and would reduce the yellow section by one row if I were to make this again.  My DD thinks this is hilarious and of course we love the movie, Dispicable Me.

I also made my DGS a Fish: Dead or Alive Hat last fall.  Here are a couple of cute pictures of DGS playing with the hat before I actually got to embroider on the eyes.  He has a punkin head so I down-sized the pattern a bit by going down a needle size.  I used "I Love This Yarn" and it did the jacquard effect on it's own which was cool.  I remember making one of these for my nephew a few years ago and it seemed to take forever, since I have been knitting a lot more since then, this time it just flew off the needles.

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