Monday, April 01, 2013

Bunny Knitting is now an Official Easter Sport!

First, the gratuitus Cute Baby Picture...

DGS with his beautiful Mama on Easter Morning just before going into Church.


I crocheted some darling PEEPS pattern called Springtime Stuffies by Sally Ives a few years ago for my DD and was looking for something to put in DGS' Easter Basket since he is still pretty little to be getting a lot of candy and found the darling pattern for a knitted Chocolate Bunny

I made the first one from some acrylic dark chocolate brown worsted weight yarn using Magic Loop with size 6 circular needles.  This pattern is seamless and just requires a bit of kitchner stitch at the very top to finish.  It was a bit fiddley on the first one, so I thought, oh well, I'll give it to my Mama as a cute decoration and go back to knitting something else.  Well, my DD texted me and asked if I could PLEASE make 2 girl bunnies and 1 boy bunny for her neices and nephew's Easter Baskets.  So I couldn't say no!  So as you are aware, if left alone, bunnies will multiply!! 

I ended up making 7 altogether, one for DGS, one for me, and another for a friend.  I did learn a cool technique that I used on all the bunnies but I should caution that you want to be careful to do something else if the Bunny is going to be "loved" (chewed on, etc.) by a small child.  I used the same satin-y ribbon to make the eyes on each side as the bow around the neck.  Just thread the ribbon onto a large eye yarn needle, start from the inside and make 1 "stitch" over a single knitted "V" and then leave a 2-3" tail on both sides of the stitch on the inside and tie in a double knot.  Then stuff the body, and continue on with the instructions for the ears, etc.

I have decided that Bunny Knitting is now an Official Easter Sport!!

For those of you still having cold weather, here is a picture that personifies Texas in the Spring - Bluebonnets and a good-looking little boy...

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