Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Fever

Towards the end of September and the first of October I really start getting Fall Fever. I decorate the house and the yard with Punkins, gourds, and other festive things. I recently heard someone mention that in certain parts of the country we can't say "pumpkins" correctly, guilty as charged! I LOVE to say "punkins". In fact, I even buy punkin candy and candy corn. But just one bag of each, otherwise I would make myself sick on them. My DH doesn't eat them at all.

These are some photos of a counted cross-stitch project that I actually made for myself in 1992! It has different seasonal decorations that velcro to the front door. Too Cute!

I do buy him mini-candy bars - which I bought WAY TOO EARLY this year, cause I think I have eaten ALL the Reece's Cups. Can you say - DIET - a four-letter word that just makes you have to wash your mouth out with Chocolate!!

I have been working on a Christmas present that I will post about next time, but in the interest of "Short Attention Span" projects, I made a couple of quick Christmas gifts for an Uncle and Aunt. They are an interpretation of the "Pidge" scarf-lets that so many people have been blogging about. I would like to say that if you can make a quality product and market it well and get $275 for a cashmere scarf - well you go girl! This is America, free-enterprise, and all that. Go into Saks or some other high-end shop at the Galleria and I guarantee you can find a $275 scarf. Anyway, here are a couple of crocheted versions. I am planning to try a knitted version maybe in a worsted weight.

The first one is out of Pattons Shetland Chunky Tweed in Earthy Brown. What a great yarn and color. I put on 2 wooden buttons I got at Hobby Lobby and it is a very manly and warm gift. The 2nd one is made with Rowan's Romance in a delicate lavendar color. It has a silver thread that runs through it as well. It took just over 1 skein so you could definately make 2 with 3 skeins. I added pewter buttons I bought in Colonial Williamsburg for a dressy feminine look. This yarn is almost or maybe is a "6" so it is a little firm in the crocheted version. I used a pattern called Could it Be Any Easier? Neck Cozy. I did use a K hook throughout but otherwise followed the pattern.


amylovie said...

$275 for a tiny scarf? Crazy!!

Yours turned out beautifully.


Karen said...

Love both versions of the scarf -- glad to see someone using the pattern!

Trifarina said...

I've been looking for a pattern like this! Yours turned out great and have inspired me!

R3n331 said...

I made one of these year b4 last when i first started crocheting, I didnt know they ran that much in the stores, and here I was giving the ones away I made lol